Building Custom Yachts

Many yacht owners find that building a custom yacht becomes a labor of love. Let the B&C Marine Consulting team walk you through the process and assist you with the details by providing insight to the numerous issues that can be caused form outsourced labor, multiple vendors and basic oversight.

Concept & Design

One of the most important parts of building a custom yacht is the design process. This is where your dreams begin to take shape as you pick and choose the features that will make the vessel uniquely yours.


It’s important to us at B&C Marine Consulting to help you get the yacht you’ve always wanted at a price that you can afford. Our experienced consultants will assist you in making financial decisions that won’t compromise your vision.


B&C Marine Consulting will set you up with the best builders and shipyards in the area. As your yacht is being completed, your consultant will keep an eye on all the details of your vessel’s construction, making sure that the process runs smoothly and will act as a liaison between you and the builders, keeping you updated.