Charter Fleet Ownership

Though you may have purchased your yacht for pleasure, there is no reason you cannot use it for business, as well. If you’re like most yacht owners, you’re probably not sailing year-round, so why not put your vessel to work when you’re not using it? All you have to do is let B&C Marine Consulting know when you won’t be using your yacht and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rules & Regulations

B&C Marine Consulting is always up to date when it comes to legislation regarding yacht chartering. Leaving us in charge of chartering of your yacht is a surefire way that it’s done right.


When chartering your yacht, insurance is an extremely important piece of the puzzle. We’ll sit down with you and your insurance company and work to get you the proper coverage.


Because chartering your yacht is considered renting, you may be taxed. Before we start the process, the team at B&C Marine Consulting will make sure you understand and are comfortable with the taxes associated with your charter vessel.


B&C Marine Consulting will help you come up with a contract that will allow you to feel comfortable about chartering your yacht.