Yacht Maintenance

The many systems in your yacht, electrical, propulsion based or navigational, often need daily, monthly and annual care and maintenance. Many owners are oblivious or disregard the amount of time and attention needed to keep a vessel running smoothly. B&C Marine Consulting will provide you with an overall assessment and not only help you put together a comprehensive maintenance program to fit the features of your yacht, but help you fulfill all the tasks on your maintenance program.

Daily/Weekly Maintenance

There are several tasks associated with your electrical system, engine, drive train and exhaust that need to be monitored at least once a week and in some cases, like your exhaust, that needs to be noted every time you start your engine.

Monthly / Quarterly

Once a month, yacht owners should attend to the plumbing and check out their batteries. Every quarter, the battery, belts, alternator and gearbox need a thorough check and the engine oil and filters should be changed out.


Once a year, you vessel should receive a complete checkup. The electrical system, the engine, the drive train, exhaust, steering, and the hull all need to be gone over with a fine toothed comb, cleaning and replacing parts and making sure everything works the way it should.