Yacht Owners

At B&C Marine Consulting, we know your yacht is your home away from home, and just like owning a traditional home, owning a vessel can be a lot of work. There are many aspects of operation, maintenance and administration involved. This is where we come in. B&C Marine Consulting was established to assist you with all the day to day obligations that come with owning a yacht. Let us do the work, so you can enjoy the comforts of your vessel.

Crew Staffing

Working closely with you to determine your specific staffing needs, B&C Marine Consulting will help you hire the perfect crew for your vessel.

Routine Maintenance

We will personally work with you to make sure that all routine maintenance is done on schedule and in a timely manner.

Refitting Your Yacht

When the time comes to breathe new life into your yacht, we will be there to help you make the right decisions when choosing how to refit your vessel.

Operations & Administration

Once you’re ready to take to sea, the B&C Marine Consulting team will assist you in keeping track of all the moving parts. We’ll take care of everything from keeping your yacht safe and secure to making sure your crew gets paid.